Good evening all,

I have been asked to put up a blog post on which VPS providers who do perform the securenode challenge in under 300 seconds and those that do not.

The list will be split into two. The first half will be those confirmed to work and what configuration they use, and those that do not work.

Confirmed to pass the challenges

  • Linode West Coast USA
  • Linode East Asia
  • OVH 7$ plan FRA
  • Linode in Frankfurt, DE
  • OVH Warsaw Poland 4Gb running nicely at 140 seconds.. If you sign up for a whole year you get a VPS for ~$6
  • Linode Dallas able to complete the challenges with custom ISO install

Confirmed to fail the challenges

  • Linode East Coast
  • Linode Central
  • Vultr won't pass unless you do the custom ISO install using Hairetikos' instructions found here
  • (+/-300, not reliable enough that those servers pass those challenges every time)
  • (350+, 4 very old cpu cores which are not fast enough + slow IO to the disks)

This list will be updated as more information comes to light

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