Greets all,
How is everyone?

An updated securenode tracker has just been release.

To update please run through the following:

  1. Change to the secnodetracker folder and update the tracker application. This may be '~/zencash/secnodetracker' if the install guides were followed.

  2. Run the following commands:
    git fetch origin
    git checkout master
    git pull

If git complains about overwritting a file use: git checkout -- filename
Then run the above commands again

  1. Run setup (this will refresh the list of servers) in the scenodetracker folder. You should be able to accept all the previous values.
    node setup

  2. Stop the tracker application and restart it

press Ctrl-c if running manually and then node app

or restart using your managment application such as PM2
pm2 restart 0
To check the pm2 process is running correctly please run pm2 logs and look for the absence of errors.