Hi all,

I trust that you all had a nice new year. This blog post is a pre-emptive post regarding the install of the the latest zend daemon. updated APT repo is now available

I decided to jump in and build from source, and what I foudn was that I needed to do some additional steps once I had built from source to get the zend daemon to start again after the update.

I found that there were some additional files that needed to be download along with the new zend daemon to start running 2.0.19. I have written this quick guide on how to update once the APT repo is ready.

I recommend running
sudo systemctl stop zend
sudo monit stop zend
to stop the zend daemon then running through the update processs.

To update run either of the commands above and then run
sudo apt-get update
to update the local apt source headers so you can run the following to update the zend daemon.

Once you have updated, run
sudo apt-get install zen
this will then install the updated daemon.

Once that completes please run
this will then pull the new sprout-groth16 and sapling files required files to the ~/.zcash-params directory.

Once that completes please run
sudo systemctl start zend && sudo systemctl restart zentracker
sudo monit start zend && pm2 restart 0

I hope that this helps and gets you updated to the new code base

If you have any further questions, please hit me up on discord or below.