Greetings all,

Rolf has just sent out an announcement over the zencash slack with the following update:

blockops [1:28 PM]
Just a quick update on Secure Node beta testing. Thank you for everyone who has helped on testnet with the move to the new server clusters.

Thank you especially to @psyrax and @num81 for non-stop troubleshooting and assistance with the secure node testing!

Talking with @devman, things are looking good with tracking nodes using the new server cluster. There were many issues to work through, and lots of code updates to address them.

The next thing to test is payments. We need to make sure payments are processed correctly using testnet funds, and that people are able to see their earnings and payments on the server, then verify them in the block explorer.

I believe that will be the last major item to test on using testnet.

After that, the next step on beta testing will be scaling the tracking servers. Probably the best way to do that will be to transition the beta testing to ZenCash mainnet.

In brief, we are making positive forward progress in the beta testing, and are closer to moving the beta testing to mainnet.

As you can see we are moving closer and closer to the release on mainnet.

Shoot through any questions you may have below or on the Slack/Discord securenodes channel.