Good evening all,

I hope you are all doing well.

Now that a number of securenode rewards have been sent (Payment master 1 and 4), I thought that it would be worth while writing a blog post on how you can send your securenode reward from your staking address to another address without having your stake drop below 42.

The zend daemon will use the smallest "note" first. So as long as you spend only the reward minus the reward the stake will not move.

As you can see in the next image there is 42.16985049 zen, and what I am wanting to do is sent the reward less the fee to the t-address below that has 0.16402007 zen

What I will be doing is right clicking on the address I want to send to and select copy value

Next I will be heading over to the Send Cash tab and selecting the address with 42.16985049 zen and then pasting the address with 0.16402007 zen, then I will be taking the reward, and in this example it is 0.16985049 zen and I will be changing it to be 0.16975049 zen (Reward less the 0.0001 network fee)

Click on send and you should see a message box like the following

Now we can go back to the Own Addresses tab and you should see that the 42 zen is still in your staking address but the reward has been moved to the other address

If you find any errors in the above or if you need any help, please hit me up on the #securenodes channel on Discord.

Have a good one