Sending funds away from an imported z-address private key

Greets All, I hope you are all have a great day. This is going to be a quick post regarding the importing of the z-address private key and then the subsequent sending away of these funds. TL:DR We have noticed an exception that people are experiencing when they try Read More

How to top up your z-addresses on your node

Hi again, Many people have been asking about how they can go about topping up the z-addresses on their nodes. This will be a quick guide on how to top up the z-addresses on the node. On the node run zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r '.[1]' This should give Read More

Updating nodes to 2.0.17

Hi all, I trust that you all had a nice new year. This blog post is a pre-emptive post regarding the install of the the latest zend daemon. updated APT repo is now available I decided to jump in and build from source, and what I foudn was that I Read More

Unable to verify the first certificate

Hi all, We have come across some instances for Ubuntu Server when adding the Let's Encrypt intermediate certificate to the trusted store does not result in the the zend daemon returning "tls_cert_verified": true, when following the offical guide. This can be quite frustrating. To identify if Read More

Node Troubleshooting 101

Introduction Hi all, Time and time again I am asked the same questions over and over, so thought that it might be about time I posted some basic troubleshooting tips that will need to be ran to get to the bottom of the issue your node is experiencing. It may Read More