Greetings all those out there in interweb land. There has been an announcement for the imminent move securenodes from testnet to mainnet.

All node operators registered on testnet would have received the following email from the zencash team:

Changing ZenCash Secure Node Beta to Mainnet Nov 30

The ZenCash Secure Node development and operations team is moving the Beta testing from testnet to mainnet on November 30th.

This will be done on the existing server clusters, which were designed to move from testnet beta to mainnet beta, mainnet beta with payments, then mainnet production. This is a deliberate process that is being done to plan.

The current servers will be put into maintenance at about 16:00 UTC. There is a migration plan already in progress, with many steps and checks along the way. The server reconfiguration, testing, and operational upgrade work is expected to take 12 hours.

What Node Operators Need To Do to change to ZenCash Mainnet

These steps can be performed while the tracking servers are down.

Stop the secure node tracker application
Stop zend application and verify.

Remove or comment out testnet=1 in the node’s zen.conf

Start zend and let it sync to the main blockchain. This will take time.

The tracker app needs to be updated to version 0.1.0. Previous versions will no longer work.

Follow the tracker update instructions on the github site when available. Do not start the tracker yet.

Prepare personal ZenCash for the changeover

On the secure node

Create a shielded address
Verify transparent address exists on node
On your personal zencash wallet:
Send about 1 ZEN to node shielded address - use 4-5 small transactions
Create a new t_address and send it 42 ZEN - to use as your stake

Verify the zen node has the full blockchain
Check against current blockchain height at
Once zen node has the full blockchain, verify zen balance in shielded address.

Wait until Tracking Servers are upgraded and ready, then start Node Tracker App. There is no advantage to be one of the first nodes to connect: any time December 1st or shortly after is fine.

Mainnet Beta Information

The entire system will be in beta on mainnet with the intent to stress test the servers and address remaining and any new issues. Once the servers have stabilized (target is two weeks), payment creation and processing will be enabled. Payouts should begin within a few days of the first payment earnings created.