Greetings all,

An announcement has just been made regarding the move to Beta(testnet) for the securenodes.

Tracking System Beta

We are ready to start the beta test of the new server system.

There are now three sets of regional servers (12 in all): Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia running with cloudflare and clustered databases

This part of the beta is still on TESTNET, so please do not switch nets yet. Instructions for the next phase will be provided later.

This is the time to start setting up your nodes over the next couple of weeks. There will still be some time after next beta phase starts before payments are enabled (timing depends upon issue found and resolved).

In this phase there will be testing of the node and server failover over the next week. Your node may be connected to another region at various times and then fallback to your home server. Please check your nodes periodically.

What to Expect
When you migrate your node(s), it should detect which regional server to connect to. If not correct, it may be changed by running the tracker setup.
The email system has been changed to sparkpost. Be sure to enter a valid email address in the node setup to receive notifications of exceptions and downtimes.

How to Migrate

For those using pm2 to run the secnodetracker you will need to run pm2 stop secnodetracker and then follow instructions here:

There are also new installation instructions on that page.

Snapshot for the newbies (see the setup guide pinned to the top of the #securenodes channel)

  • 1 ip address per secure node (either IPv4 or IPv6)
  • 42 zen (znt for testnet) in wallet off the node
  • public cert for your node
  • 1 zen (private znt) in the challenge private address on the node. Send 5 separate transactions of 0.2 each. (The reason for this can be found here)
  • Tracking servers are at
  • see the Help page on the tracking server for more information.

Once updated to start using pm2 again run:
pm2 start secnodetracker

and to check what it is doing, run:
pm2 logs secnodetracker

One step closer to mainnet beta, and should you need any help please ask in the securenodes channel or in the comments below.

Over the next couple of days I will write an in depth tutorial on creating a node from scratch