Hi there,
I trust that you are all doing well.  Many people have been asking for detailed instructions on how you go about verifying your stZEN address using the Trust Wallet and MyEtherWallet (MEW).

I have put together this guide to help you verify your stZEN address on the Horizen faucet using the Trust wallet and MEW.

These steps were performed on an iPhone but should be able to be followed on Android

Step 1)
First open up the MyEtherWallet website and then click on access my wallet

Step 2)
Next click on "MEW wallet -or- WalletConnect; WalletLink"

Step 3)
Next click on WalletConnect

Step 4)
Next click on Trust

Step 5)
Next open the Trust wallet and authorise MEW to use it.  It will then prompt you to return to the web browser with MEW

Step 6)
The next step is to copy the message that needs to be signed from the Horizen faucet and then click on sign

Step 7)
Next you will need to open again the Trust wallet, and then authorise the signing of the message, and press on Ok

Step 7)
Next return to the web browser with MEW and click on the confirm button

Step 8)
Next copy the text in the sig section of the json output

Step 8)
open the faucet page where you need to paste the signature and paste the signature you copied from MEW

Then click on verify and your stZEN address will be verified.