Hi again,

Many people have been asking about how they can go about topping up the z-addresses on their nodes. This will be a quick guide on how to top up the z-addresses on the node.

On the node run
zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r '.[1]'

This should give you an address you can send a small amount of ZEN to. I suggest 0.05 ZEN. The amount can be sent from any address.

Once you have sent the 0.05 ZEN confirm it is on the node using
zen-cli z_gettotalbalance

You should see the 0.05 in the transparent similar to

"transparent": "0.05",
"private": "0.2537",
"total": "0.3037"

If you dont see it you will need to wait for the transaction to confirm, keep running watch -n 5 zen-cli z_gettotalbalance until you can see the balance, then press control+c

Now you can run
zen-cli z_sendmany $(zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r '.[1]') '[{"address": "'$(zen-cli z_listaddresses | jq -r '.[0]')'", "amount": 0.0249},{"address": "'$(zen-cli z_listaddresses | jq -r '.[1]')'", "amount": 0.0250}]'

You should then receive an opid similar to (opid-a4547762-5501-44b7-ad7b-9d796d9fde26), once you see that run
watch -n 5 zen-cli z_getoperationstatus
and once you see the success notification you can press control+c and now wait for the next block to confirm and you should see the updated balance in the private when running
zen-cli z_gettotalbalance
Similar to this

"transparent": "0.00",
"private": "0.3037",
"total": "0.3037"

I hope that this finds you well, and should you need any help pop on into Discord and the node_tech_support channel