Hi all,
this question comes up quite frequently and I cant believe I have not consolidated the instructions into a single post.  So hopefully you will all find this useful

Sending the zen from the challenge z-addresses is a multi-step process.

The first is to obtain a list of z-address on your node

zen-cli z_listaddresses

then you need to get the balance from each address using

zen-cli z_getbalance <zaddr>

replacing <zaddr> with one of the z-addresses, then repeat for each z-address

then you need to send using

zen-cli z_sendmany <zaddr> '[{"address":"<receiving-address>","amount":<bal>}]'

replacing the <zaddr> with a address from the previous command, <receiving-address> of where you want to send to, and <bal> the amount from the z_getbalance command minus 0.0001 for the network fee

Then repeat for the other addresses with a balance

to check the status of the z_sendmany command, please run

zen-cli z_getoperationstatus

Have a great day and as always if you have any questions please post them below or find me on Discord