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If you are reading this, there is a likely chance that you have had difficulties trying to send coins from a Zencash/Horizen paper wallet.  Please don't fret, I am here to help you through one of many avenues you can use to send from the paper wallet.

PLEASE NOTE: Any time you enter your private key anywhere there is a possibility that it may be intercepted by an unauthorised party, either by a key logger or if you use software from non-reputable sources, and your funds may be irreversibly sent to an address you do not control and may lose your coins.  Please exercise good security policies when dealing with unencrypted private keys and computer security in general.

Importing into Arizen

This would be one of the easiest ways to send the funds from the paper wallet address.  One of the great features of the wallet in Arizen is that the private keys are encrypted (unless you export the plain text private keys to a file).

In the Arizen wallet, once you have loaded it up, click on the "Import Private Key" button:

When you click on this button you will be presented with a notice advising that the new address wont be present in any backups that you might have (if you have any) and that once the import is completed that you should create a new backup.

If you accept and click on the "I understand" button, you will be presented with a screen where you can import your private key from your paper wallet.  You can if you wish add a name for this key, but this is not required.  Enter your private key in the Private Key field and select T (Transparent).  Similar to the following image:

After you click on the import button it may take some time for the balance to appear in the address as the Arizen wallet will be searching the block chain for any transactions associated with the address.  Once you see the balance you will be able to use the Withdrawal button to send the zen from the newly imported address.


This would be the second easiest method for sending zen away from a paper wallet. You can either use the website or download the source for the website and run it locally.  The source can be obtained from

If you run from source you will need to run the index.html file in your web browser and you will be presented with the same page to that available from

You should see a page similar to this:

Once you are presented with this page, click on the gear icon and select "Paste private key"

This will then change the page to one where you can enter the private key, enter your private key into the field (1.) and then click on the "Unlock Private Key" button (2.)

The page will then change with an Info page for the imported private key.

From here you can click on the "Send ZEN" tab and you will be able to send any available funds to a new address.

Click on the from address drop down menu and you should see your imported T-address with a balance, select the address:

Then enter in the "To Address" field the address you want to send ZEN to and then enter the amount.  And before you can send you will need to tick the box that you want to send these ZEN.  Then click on the send button.  A progress bar will appear and and once the transaction has been broadcast a message will be presented that your "ZEN successfully sent!" and a link to the transaction will be available so you can confirm that the transaction was sent to the block chain.

Using the GUI/Swing Wallet.

I have left this one to last as it is time consuming as it will require a full copy of the block chain to be installed on your computer, and unfortunately I dont have it installed on this laptop I am working from so I cant take any screen shots.

But the steps are very similar to that or Arizen, but first you need to ensure that you wallet is fully synced, then you will need to import the private key using the menu options available, apologies I cant remember where exactly these are as it has been some time since I have used that wallet.  Once you import your private key it will take some time to rescan the block chain for all transactions associated with that imported address.  THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME and the wallet will look like it is not doing anything.  Things are happening in the background.  

Then once you see the confirmed amount in the address in the wallet you will be able to send to any address you wish.

I hope that this blog post is useful and should you have any questions or additional information you wish for me to add to this post, please post below or hit me up on discord.

Have a great evening.