Hey all,

I trust everyone is doing well, and looking forward to the impending mainnet release of the secure nodes.

A few people have been experiencing issues where their securenode tracker software is not connecting to zend properly.

It may be related to the configuration of the zen.conf, further information here or it may be related to an overly complex rpcpassword.

Using too many special characters (*><?!%$#) may cause issues when the rpcpassword is parsed by the securenode tracker setup incorrectly.

If you are getting the following:
Zend error: Unauthorized Unable to connect to zend. Please check the zen rpc settings and ensure zend is running

Verify your rpcuser and rpcpassword zen.conf configuration:

  1. Stop your zend daemon using sudo monit stop zend or zen-cli stop
  2. Check your password complexity
  3. Make changes if needed removing the special characters
  4. Restart your zend daemon using sudo monit start zend or zend
  5. Navigate to your securenode tracker directory
  6. Re-run node setup.js
  7. Finally try running the tracker again node app.js

If you need any further assistance, head over to discord and post your question in the #securenodes channel.

Have a good one