Good afternoon y'all,

I trust you are all having a nice weekend, this post is to answer one of the most common questions that is asked in the node support channel on discord, and some people believe that this error is created by their node and causing their node to fail.  It isn't.

ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool: joinsplit requirements not met

Is observed in the ~/.zen/debug.log and can be misleading.  Each full zend  daemon process (node) validates transactions sent to the network  mempool, and this "error" means that someone has sent a transaction to  the network mempool that does not meet the requirements for inclusion in  a block, it is NOT your node creating the error and causing it to fail.

Similarly, the following error may be seen:

ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool: inputs already spent

This "error" is similar to the above message in the debug.log.  This  "error" means that someone has sent a transaction to the network mempool  but the inputs for the transactions have already been used in another  transaction.  In other words, someone is trying to double spend the  inputs and the daemon has recognised this and throws this message to the  log.

I hope that this short but sweet blog post will help you and should you still need any help with your node either hit me up on discord or through

Have a great one!!