Hello world,

How is everyone doing? Considering that the move of securenodes from testnet beta to mainnet beta is just around the corner, I have been approached by a few people asking about the move to beta and mainnet, and what the process will be.

The current servers will be put into maintenance at about 16:00 UTC November 30.

  1. First thing will be is to stop the securenode tracker software using pm2 stop secnodetracker (If you configured your pm2 service using this blog post you will have the process name secnodetracker, if you didn't you may have app instead of secnodetracker).

  2. The tracker app needs to be updated to version 0.1.0. Updating the securenode tracker software. Please run cd ~/zencash/secnodetracker and then run: git fetch origin then git checkout master, and finally git pull.

Delete the following files in the secnodetracker/config folder:
nodeid, serverurl, lastChalBlock, lastExecSec, stakeaddr
rm -rf config/nodeid
rm -rf config/serverurl (ignore if you do not have this file)
rm -rf config/lastChalBlock
rm -rf config/lastExecSec
rm -rf config/stakeaddr

  1. Stop the zend daemon using sudo monit stop zend or zen-cli stop and update ~/.zen/zen.conf changing testnet=1 to #testnet=1. Note the # in front, is will comment out that line of the configuration. Restart the zend daemon using sudo monit start zend or zend
  2. If you previously created a z-address on your node for mainnet, you can skip this step. To check if you previously created a mainnet z-address you can run zen-cli z_listaddresses. If you do not have a z-address, you can create a mainnet shielded/private z-address using zen-cli z_getnewaddress.
  3. While the mainnet blockchain is downloading to the securenode, I will start to move ZEN around in my wallet (swing or arizen - not sure which one I will be using) to ensure that I have 42 ZEN in each of the staking addresses that I intend on using. I will also be sending 5x 0.2 ZEN transactions to the securenode shielded/private z-address (edit: the reasoning for the 5x 0.2 zen transactions can be found in this blog post.
  4. Once the blockchain has re-synced and I have confirmed that I have the 5x 0.2 zen in my shielded/private z-address using zen-cli z_getbalance <z-address> I will re-run the securenode tracker setup node setup.js and change the stake address to one of the mainnet t-addresses in my wallet, stored somewhere else, not on the node.

    I cannot stress this enough, and I will say it again DO NOT STORE YOUR STAKING ZEN ON THE SECURENODE!!! Because, should someone compromise your securenode and gain access to it they can steal your ZEN.
  5. Finally, I will run pm2 start secnodetracker and pm2 logs secnodetracker (If you configured your pm2 service using this blog post you will have the process name secnodetracker, if you didn't you may have app instead of secnodetracker) and confirm connection to the tracking server in the console, and then confirm on the tracking server website (once released) to ensure that my securenode is setup correctly.


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