Hi there,
I trust that everyone is doing well, in this blog post I will be discussing the difference between Horizen ($ZEN), stake ZEN ($stZEN), and the $stZEN contract address.

Horizen’s $ZEN is not an Erc20 token. It it’s own blockchain (https://www.horizen.io/what-is-horizen/), that is why you can’t find a contract address for it. But that does not mean that there is not a contact address for a token that is associated with $ZEN.

StakeHound in association with the Horizen Blockchain Foundation, created a staked erc20 token called $stZEN.  $stZEN will allow you to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem while earning a share in the Horizen node rewards at the same time.

There is no minimum staking requirement and it does not require you to run your own securenode or supernode that require a 42 ZEN and 500 ZEN collateral respectively (https://www.horizen.io/node-hosting/). You automatically earn node rewards on any amount of $stZEN you are holding in your Ethereum wallet.

The staked ZEN ( contact address is 0x31b595e7cfdb624d10a3e7a562ed98c3567e3865.


You can exchange at anytime by converting $stZEN to $ZEN at a 1:1 ratio through StakeHound https://stakehound.com/.

I hope that this post assists you in understanding the difference between $ZEN and $stZEN.  If you have any questions please post them below or head over to Discord (https://horizen.io/invite/discord) and ask in the #stZen channel