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I have a background in Applications Packaging, Deployment, and Testing. I like to tinker with alpha/beta software and try to figure out ways to break it and provide feedback to the developers

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Test securenode shielded transaction time

Hi there, For those interested in testing their hardware without completely setting up a securenode and connecting to the securenode tracking servers and consuming 0.0002 zen, you can run the following command: zen-cli zcbenchmark createjoinsplit 1 This will then give you an output like [ { "runningtime": 88.07598 Read More

Changing from Source build to APT repo

Hi all, With the upcomming requirement to update to zend version 2.0.11 before block 290,000, many people have been asking for help updating the daemon. Many people initially built from source, but now with the updated APT repo, this blog post will help people move from the Read More

Zencash Securenode Command Line cheat sheet

Hello all, Apologies for the large pause since the last blog post. Many people have come into the securenode channel on discord with the same questions. This blog post intends on creating a command line (CLI) cheat sheet for commonly used commands on the securenode. Updating your zen software The Read More

Updating your securenode tracker software

Greets all, How is everyone? An updated securenode tracker has just been release. To update please run through the following: Change to the secnodetracker folder and update the tracker application. This may be '~/zencash/secnodetracker' if the install guides were followed. Run the following commands: git fetch origin git Read More