Reconnecting a rebuilt node

Hi all, me again.  Many people have rebuilt their instances resulting in the following error upon their attempt to connect to their node tracker to the tracking servers.Registration failed. IP Address already registered.Lets take a look as to what is happening here. The unique identifiers for the node Read More

How to send coins from a ZEN paper wallet

Greets everyone,If you are reading this, there is a likely chance that you have had difficulties trying to send coins from a Zencash/Horizen paper wallet.  Please don't fret, I am here to help you through one of many avenues you can use to send from the paper wallet. Read More

Sending rewards from Ledger without touching the stake

Hi all, It is a wonderful day today, I get to try out sending my securenode rewards from my Ledger addresses to another address. This is how I did it. I have 12 securenode staking addresses stored on the ledger. This requires that there are 12 * 42 zen addresses with Read More

Sending funds away from an imported z-address private key

Greets All, I hope you are all have a great day. This is going to be a quick post regarding the importing of the z-address private key and then the subsequent sending away of these funds. TL:DR We have noticed an exception that people are experiencing when they try Read More

How to top up your z-addresses on your node

Hi again, Many people have been asking about how they can go about topping up the z-addresses on their nodes. This will be a quick guide on how to top up the z-addresses on the node. On the node run zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r '.[1]' This should give Read More